How to Nourish your Adrenals while you are Kicking them – Nettle Infusion Cocktail

nettle tea

I have found a way to seriously crave every bit of my healthy nettle infusion tea throughout the day.   For years I have been playing around with nettle tea; trying to boost my health with that powerful weed that grows along the creek beds.  Each spring as the pollen kicks up and my allergies make me feel like a slug, I would scoop a cup of nettle mint blend into a mason jar, add boiling water and carry it with me with throughout the day.  Most days I ended up with a full jar of rotten tea for plant fertilizer.   My plants were thriving and I was still dragging and sneezing.

Why can’t I take the time to strain and drink my healthy tea during the day?  I always have time to make another cup of earl grey and eat my lunch?  So I added the earl grey to the infusion and I can’t wait to pour my next cup.  My allergies have disappeared and my energy is great.  Do I sound like I am all hopped up on caffeine? Yes, but I was going to drink the earl grey anyway and now I am nourishing my adrenals at the same time I am kicking them.

Nettle infusion is extremely high in minerals and phytonutrients and great for bones, adrenals and allergies.  It has been touted to increase energy, resolve allergies, rebuild bone and even reverse grey hair!   I’ll let you know in a few months if it reverses grey hair.

That quart of nettle infusion contains over 1000 mg of calcium along with other bone building minerals, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, boron and zinc.   It is very high in lutein and beta-carotene which we know of as eye nutrients and rutin and quercetin which are best known for alleviating allergies.

Drinking these nutrients in the whole herb form of nettle infusion makes their components much stronger than if you consumed the same nutrients in capsuled supplements.   The different vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals work together in perfect harmony to strengthen the kidneys and adrenals and replenish minerals in the bones, skin and hair.

My kids love nettle infusion, but I haven’t found a way to make it easy for them to dispense in the fridge and I don’t want to share my caffeinated version.   Any suggestions?  I need an easy to dispense it in the refrigerator that will strain away the nettles without being messy or heavy.

Caffeinated Nettle Tea recipe – Combine 1 cup dried nettles and 1 earl grey tea bag in a mason jar.  Boil water and slowly pour it over the herbs.  Use a mason jar lid to seal it tightly and wait 4 hours.  Strain and drink the tea throughout the day.  Refrigerate after 4 hours to prevent bacterial growth.

Apple Fritters, Pleasure and Pain

I love apple fritters.  Today I love the idea more than the warm, sticky sweetness.  During my college years I knew which donut shops were open at midnight.  Eventually the pain in my gut became greater than the pleasure of the apple fritter and I retired those midnight runs to Sam’s donuts in favor of a tart green apple with almond butter.  Everything we do eventually settles into providing pleasure and avoiding pain.  What makes a personal health plan successful is how we define pleasure and pain.

Deprivation causes pain

If you’re not sick already then an apple fritter may be the ultimate in pleasure.  Deprivation may be the deepest pain.  We develop emotional and physical addictions to pleasurable foods which makes deprivation painful.  Too many pleasurable apple fritters and eventually your gut, feet, knees or head become the source of pain.  So, you seek relief with a harsh New Year’s resolution:  no more apple fritters and exercising every day.  Pretty soon you have the pain of deprivation combined with foot pain from too much walking combined with the pain of failure. There’s just not enough pleasure to sustain a deprivation diet.  That is why 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail in the first few months.

Healthy meals cause pleasure

Health programs that succeed start by filling you up with so much pleasurable turkey stew that eventually you forget about the apple fritter.  The pleasure in the stew leaves you satisfied and energized.  After a week or so your body pain subsides so that eventually you want to go for a walk around the block.  Wow, maybe today you feel strong enough to walk to the beach!  Both food and exercise have now turned to pleasure.

Redefining pleasure and pain

In a nostalgic moment you turn to an apple fritter for pleasure.  Oh yeah, it still tastes good, but within a couple hours your knees begin to ache and you have no desire to walk.  Hmm, has the apple fritter turned to pain?  I love the art form of a good pastry, but the idea of ingesting one simply feels painful.

Healthy Body causes pleasure

Eventually you can redefine turkey stew with carrots and collards as great pleasure.  You will have the strength to enjoy walking to the beach with your new working knees.  You will find a tart green apple with almond butter pleasurable.  Eventually the sight of an apple fritter will bring great nostalgia along with memories of pain.

We set our goals and jump for the sky even though we love to have our feet on the ground.  How much healthy pleasure can you fit in one day?  If you fill the day up with healthy pleasure, there will be no room for apple fritters!  If you redefine pleasure and pain in terms of what makes you feel good all day, then eating healthy is a joy.


Are Calcium Supplements Causing more Harm than Good?

Are you taking calcium with the good intention of building strong bones, only to cause heart disease, bone spurs and kidney stones?    We know that calcium is required for strong bones along with magnesium and vitamin d for absorption.  There is a missing link in the story.  Vitamin D helps calcium absorb into the bloodstream, but doesn’t help that calcium get into the bones.  Without vitamin K2 the calcium can deposit into the arteries, joints and kidneys.  It’s hard to get that calcium deposited nicely into the bone structure and if the body doesn’t have the necessary tools to put calcium into bone then the calcium will just deposit wherever is easiest.  It is very common for heart disease, bone spurs and kidney stones to occur along with osteoporosis due to the calcium depositing in the wrong place.

Vitamin K2 puts the Calcium into the Bones

Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin made by fermenting vitamin K1.  Vitamin K1 is available through leafy greens and plant foods.  That K1, when properly fermented, turns into K2.  Vitamin K2 is available in the butter of healthy grass fed cows and in Natto, a fermented soy bean.  Leafy greens full of Vitamin K1 are a healthy food, but do not equal K2 for strong bones.  Most humans don’t have enough good bacteria in the gut to convert K1 into K2, but healthy grass fed cows easily convert K1 from grass into K2 for bone health.  We need to get the K2 directly from food or supplements.

Sources of Vitamin K2

Grass fed butter is now widely available in supermarkets and a great source of vitamin K2.  It’s worth the extra dollars and has a deep yellow color and wonderful flavor.  You can purchase a powerful food supplement called high vitamin butter oil which is grass fed butter that has been concentrated to contain more vitamins.  I also recommend Natto, a very stinky blue cheese style fermented soy bean paste.  Natto is hard to find and has a very strong flavor, but is nutritious and rich in healthy Vitamin K2.   To skip the food and go straight to supplements, choose a vitamin K2 called Menaquinone 7 or MK 7.  I recommend a combination of Vitamin A, D, E and K from natural sources to be taken together.  They work together in nature and in your body and should be taken together in a food source supplement.

Our bodies are a complex matrix of nutrients and taking megadoses of any one nutrient without looking at the balancing act of nutritional medicine can cause problems.  In this case bones are not built of calcium alone,but with a complex interaction of worker vitamins that deposit calcium and a complex of other minerals into bone structure.

Three Steps to Alleviate Indigestion – Step #3

Are you familiar with that bloated, upset, burning feeling that rises from the stomach? In the last 2 blog posts I explained how to stop the pain using apple cider vinegar and targeted oil therapy to move food down instead of up. Today I am going to talk about stress and how to prevent pain and indigestion in the first place.

Have you ever been on vacation and found that foods which used to cause indigestion don’t seem to be a problem? This is because you are relaxed on vacation, which allows your digestive process to work full tilt. When digestion is working well, those strong digestive juices can break down any food, giving you lots of energy and no indigestion.

Stress turns off digestion. Stress causes the body to go into a chain of events that help you survive when times are tough. Digestion shuts down so that all your energy can be directed to hands and feet and you can fight or run. The stress can be physical like a lion chasing you, mental like in a fight with your neighbor or physiological like an allergic reaction. The body doesn’t care where the stress came from. In any stress the body goes into fight or flight mode, giving you a boost of energy and shutting down unnecessary processes, such as digestion.

Deep breathing turns on digestion. To alleviate stress and improve digestion – take a few deep breaths before a meal. Sit calmly, observe your food and take three deep breaths before eating. While you are observing your food and breathing; the mouth, stomach and the whole digestive system is priming up to take in food and break it down. If the body is relaxed and you are enjoying your food you won’t need apple cider vinegar or oil therapy to get digestion going, the digestion will work all by itself to break down food and give you great energy without indigestion.

I hope these three steps to alleviate indigestion have helped you to feel better and understand your body better. Health begins in the gut so you can prevent further health problems by simply relaxing while you enjoy a healthy meal.

Three Steps to Alleviate Indigestion – Step #2

Are you familiar with that bloated, upset, burning feeling that rises from the stomach and sometimes even erupts into the mouth?  It feels like excess stomach acid burning its way up the throat.  You may also feel more nausea and discomfort when eating fatty or fried foods.

Last week I explained step #1 to alleviate indigestion, beginning in the stomach.  This week we’re moving down the digestive tract to the gallbladder for step #2.  Digestion is an assembly line of processes, breaking down food and extracting nutrients to give you energy and health.

Gallbladder Health
When the gallbladder isn’t working well then it can’t break down fats and food backs up into the esophagus causing indigestion.  Apple Cider Vinegar stimulates the stomach to work right and good quality olive oil stimulates the gallbladder to work right, both sending properly digested food down instead of up. The following recipe can help to exercise the gallbladder so that it digests fats properly.

Fat Digestion Recipe
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 cup water
Combine ingredients and shake well.
Drink ¼ cup at night on an empty stomach.  If there is any nausea, pain or discomfort, then stop and call me for individualized therapy.  If there is no discomfort, then slowly increase the amount by ¼ cup each night until you are drinking the whole cup.

Oil helps the Gallbladder
Eventually the oil mixture will trigger a good release of bile from the gallbladder and you will have a nice big bowel movement in the morning.  You can slowly increase the amount of oil to 3 tablespoons at night if you are having no pain and you like the effects.

The fat digestion recipe stimulates movement in the gallbladder, which creates more bile.  Bile acts like soap, breaking down fats and increasing bowel movements.  It’s important to increase gallbladder movement very slowly.  If you do have gallbladder problems, the fat digestion recipe will push the gallbladder gently, improving function.  This drink combined with a personalized diet plan has helped my clients recover from gallbladder problems and avoid surgery.   Usually gallstones can be resolved without surgery, but they can be extremely dangerous if the process isn’t done carefully. Please seek professional help and go gently when dealing with gallstones.

The Dangers of a Fat Free Diet
You may have been told to stop all fats and oils if you have gallbladder problems.  This approach does stop gallbladder pain momentarily, but with no movement the gallbladder sits stagnant, not breaking down stones and not improving function.   If you don’t eat any fats or oils, the gallbladder stops working and may have to be removed.

A small amount of targeted olive oil therapy can slowly increase gallbladder function, alleviate indigestion, prevent surgery and improve energy and health.  Combining oil therapy with apple cider vinegar can help food digest, help food go down instead of up and to alleviate pain and indigestion.  Stay tuned to thoughtful bites for step #3 to help prevent indigestion in the future.

Three Steps to Alleviate Indigestion – Step 1

Are you familiar with that bloated, upset, burning feeling that rises from the stomach and sometimes even erupts into the mouth?  It feels like excess stomach acid burning its way up the throat.  In fact, a healthy stomach is high in acid and low acid causes the indigestion.    Low stomach acid prevents you from properly breaking down food.  Instead the food bubbles up, causing indigestion.   Eventually, low stomach acid can make you more susceptible to food sensitivities and autoimmune disease.

Alleviate indigestion now
The first step to alleviate indigestion and improve stomach function is to sip 1 tablespoon of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed in water or apple juice in the morning before anything else.  The balanced acid of this drink wakes up the whole digestive system and triggers the stomach to secrete the perfect amount of stomach acid to digest your food.  You don’t have to drink the whole cup and you don’t have to drink it at every meal.  Just pour 1/2 cup of water or apple juice and add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, then sip that slowly in the morning as you are beginning your day.   Do this every day for a week and notice how you feel.   If you feel any pain in the right rib area, then stop and call me.  This is an indication that the stomach lining needs to be healed before improving stomach function.

Preventing disease later
Low stomach acid and indigestion can make you susceptible to food sensitivities and autoimmune disease.  When stomach acid is low, then food isn’t properly broken down and whole food particles make their way out of the digestive system and into the bloodstream.  These food particles are identified as the enemy and the immune system mounts an attack, creating a food sensitivity.   Each time you eat the food, the immune system goes on high alert and eventually it gets confused and starts attacking the body,  creating an autoimmune disease.  All this from a little indigestion.

Apple cider vinegar works to increase stomach acid and strengthen digestion, which helps to break down food, prevent indigestion, prevent food sensitivities and prevent autoimmune disorders.

Traditional Wisdom to prevent indigestion and disease
Lemon, pickles, olives and any other acidic aperitif also wakes up the digestive system.  Most cultures have a traditional food that is slightly acidic to be eaten first so as to wake up the digestive system.  In recent years we have lost this wisdom.  Many people don’t take time to relax and enjoy an appetite stimulating drink when they eat.  Instead, they are cramming in a sandwich while on the computer or in between meetings.    The sandwich itself is healthy enough if you have the stomach acid to break it down, but eventually your digestion will weaken and you’ll find you can’t digest the sandwich anymore.  You may get bloating and indigestion then develop a food sensitivity to the bread and the cheese, then, if you continue to eat the sandwich, the immune system gets confused and begins attacking the body.

In 400 BC, Hippocrates was noted to have said all ‘disease begins in the gut’ and to have used apple cider vinegar in his remedies.  Here I use apple cider vinegar to prevent indigestion, food sensitivities and autoimmune disorders all of which are diseases that begin in the gut.

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Three Steps to Recover from Adrenal Burnout

The adrenals are tiny little organs that allow you to defend yourself from a lion and lift a whole car off of a loved one.  In these situations the adrenals are lifesaving, secreting adrenaline that gives you superhuman strength and speed that helps you survive.  The adrenals don’t care whether you are running from a lion, sitting in traffic, suffering low blood sugar or having an allergic reaction.  In every instance they work hard to fight the invader.  If you stress too much these little organs get trigger happy, pumping out hormones at every little noise.  If you feel a shock to the brain when a car backfires or someone drops a dish then your adrenals are overreacting.  Eventually they get tired, only able to make adrenaline with extreme stress, but not making other hormones to get you out of bed in the morning.  Then you resort to coffee which further stimulates the adrenals.  Minor allergies get worse and the whole body begins to feel swollen and tired.

Stress, caffeine, allergies, lack of rest and low blood sugar all contribute to adrenal burnout.  You can recover from adrenal burnout by resting, removing all sources of stress and nourishing the adrenals with food and supplements.

Resting is usually the most difficult step.   You must get plenty of sleep which means turning the lights out before 10 pm and lying down for half an hour in the afternoon.  There is no substitute for rest.

Remove stress
Activities that may be causing stress include over exercising, caffeine, low blood sugar, and food allergies.   Coffee and tea are herbal medicine for some people and for others they are a dangerous addiction.  If your adrenals are stressed you may feel like you need caffeine to function, but the caffeine is the very source of your pain.  Coffee and tea do not give you more energy, but they steal tomorrow’s energy.  Can you afford to sacrifice tomorrow’s energy?   Dropping caffeine is important, but you don’t have to go cold turkey.  There are supplements and supportive strategies to help you make the transition.

Food allergies trigger a stress reaction.  The most common allergens are wheat, dairy, soy and chocolate.  If the idea of giving up your morning bagel and cream cheese is making you panic already, then its likely breakfast is giving you an adrenaline rush, weakening the adrenals in the long run.   Don’t get excited and throw out the bagels yet.   In order to heal the adrenals you need to fill your life with hearty healthy foods before  making major changes.

Nourish the adrenals
Nutrition medicine looks at the building blocks of the adrenal gland then provides those nutrients to build the organ up.  This is not a time for a cleansing diet – if you’re feeling weak it is time to build.  To nourish the adrenals you need plenty of healthy food to prevent the stress of low blood sugar and to strengthen the whole body.

To nourish the adrenals with supplements we use vitamins and glandular that build up the structure of the adrenals along with herbs that help the adrenals to adapt to stress.  The choice of nutrients will vary depending on the person.

Today’s busy lifestyle provides a constant source of stress.  Our bodies weren’t designed to be bombarded daily with stress, caffeine, allergies, low blood sugar and lack of rest.  Eventually some people begin to break down, suffering adrenal burnout.   The body can heal, but it is a step by step process of giving your body the strengthening support, food and supplements while slowly removing everyday stressors.

Are you Strong enough for a Spring Cleanse?

Warning, a cleansing diet can make you very sick, burnt out and toxic!  I see it over and over again when people go on the latest cleanse craze and end up exhausted and depressed with bizarre symptoms ranging from skin eruptions brain fog and trouble breathing.  All they have to do is build their own body systems before a spring cleanse.

A cleanse generally refers to reducing the amount of food intake to give the digestive system a break and release toxins.   In order to benefit from a cleanse you must have stable blood sugar and strong adrenals so that eating less doesn’t make you weak, dizzy and stressed. Your liver and bowels should be working well so the toxins released don’t try to come out the skin and lungs or circulate in the brain.

Are you strong enough for a Spring Cleanse? 

Answer the questions below to find out: 
Do you feel weak and shaky if you miss a meal?
Do you have sugar cravings in the afternoon?
Do you feel exhausted the day after a busy or stressful day?
Are you constipated?
Do you have itchy skin in the evening?
Do you wake up between 2 and 4 am and have trouble going back to sleep?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have some work to do before your body is strong enough to benefit from a spring cleanse.  Restricting food when you are feeling weak and shaky, have sugar cravings or are unable to recover from a busy, stressful day will only make these blood sugar and adrenal problems worse.  Constipation prevents the toxins from going out the proper channels and itchy skin tells me toxins are trying to get out through the skin.

Every diet plan is either building, balancing or cleansing and the key is to understand what your body needs at this time.  A building diet is used short term to recover from weakness and is strengthening and stabilizing.  A building diet contains plenty of protein and oils along with vegetables and sometimes beans and grains.  A cleansing diet is also short term and is mostly fruits and vegetables with lots of water and some cleansing supplements.  A balancing diet is somewhere in between and is designed for long term health to match your body type.    If you are dealing with blood sugar problems, adrenal weakness or weak detoxification systems, then it’s important to use a building diet to resolve these issues before going on a cleansing diet.

Blood Sugar Issues –If you feel weak and shaky after missing a meal or crave sugar in the afternoon, then you need to stabilize blood sugar before going on a cleanse.  Balancing blood sugar involves eating 5 times a day and taking mineral supplements which will help retrain the body to burn food for energy more effectively.  When blood sugar is stable, then limiting foods won’t make you weak and dizzy and you won’t crave sugar.

Adrenal weakness – If you have a hard time functioning the day after a busy or stressful day then you probably have weak adrenal glands.  To strengthen the adrenal glands it’s important to eat protein every few hours, get plenty of rest and take herbal supplements to strengthen the adrenals.

You can see how blood sugar and adrenal weakness are helped by building diets so a cleansing diet would do the opposite and exacerbate these conditions.  Don’t worry, the building diet won’t make you gain weight.  Most people feel stronger and actually lose weight on a building diet.

Detox systems – A cleanse is designed to release stored toxins in the body by putting less food into the body.  What happens if you are constipated?  Those toxins are released; they circulate, then reabsorb and are never excreted.  Do not reduce food intake if you constipated.

Is your liver capable of processing those toxins?   The liver requires nutrient tools in order to do the job of removing toxins.  If the liver is deficient in these nutrient tools, the toxins circulate in the body instead of being released.  Symptoms that the liver isn’t removing toxins include a foul body odor, itchy skin and waking up in the middle of the night.    The body does this nice cleansing routine while you are sleeping and it wakes you up when the cleansing process runs into trouble.  Usually 2 am is liver time and then we move down the system to clean the small intestine at 3am and the large intestine at 4 am.  What time do you wake up and which system should we support before you do a Spring Cleanse?

After your body has stable blood sugar, strong adrenals and is able to remove waste and detoxify, then you can benefit from a Spring Cleanse. 

Whichever diet plan you are on at the moment – build, balance or cleanse – it should feel great.  Too often, I see people getting sick from a cleansing diet when they would benefit from eating more!   If your body is strong enough for a spring cleanse then you will feel motivated and energized by restricting food. You will enjoy the cleansing process.  Reducing food and going on a spring cleanse does have benefits, but not until you are strong enough.  Build before you cleanse.

Calming the Autoimmune Fire


You have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and you’re a little scared. “My body is attacking itself?” You may have been told of the progressive nature of your disease or that you will likely be diagnosed with another autoimmune disease within your lifetime. You leave the doctor’s office a diseased person as if you’ve just caught something. Conventional medicine offers wonders for some things, but for an autoimmune disorder the treatments are usually anti-inflammatory and immune suppressing drugs that offer their own set of side effects. These drugs don’t address the underlying problem.

To create an autoimmune condition your body’s immune system overreacts to something real then gets confused and attacks human tissue. If you remove the thing your immune system is reacting to then it calms down and stops attacking the body, calming the autoimmune fire. This applies to most autoimmune disorders from irritable bowel diseases and arthritis to thyroid, skin, joint and tear duct autoimmunity.

The quickest way to calm the autoimmune reaction is with diet. Every day we put food into our bodies so every day we have the opportunity to change what we put in. Could the initial immune response be from your morning bagel or your lunch yogurt? You could be poisoning yourself on a daily basis and not even know it! Yes, bagels and yogurt are traditionally healthy foods, but they are only healthy for those who can digest these healthy foods. If you have weak digestion, then the bagel and dairy do not get broken down thoroughly and they leak into the bloodstream. The body recognizes the bagel and yogurt pieces as foreign and the immune system mounts an attack against the foods as if they were a virus. Suddenly the immune system is on overdrive and it gets confused, creating autoimmunity. The immune response can happen to other foods as well; it is just more common with wheat and dairy because the protein molecules are large and because most people eat wheat and dairy every day.

In most cases, 1 week of eliminating all wheat and dairy shows a dramatic improvement of symptoms. To get the full benefit of this food therapy, work with a nutritionist who can walk you through a 30 day elimination diet, making sure you aren’t ingesting any offending substances and helping to strengthen your digestion.

A simple elimination diet offers a wide variety of tasty foods, all void of the most common allergens. Instead of a bagel and yogurt you may have an egg and a corn tortilla or a rice based cereal with an almond based milk. There are some tips and tricks to making this work, such as how to cook rice pasta and making sure your medications don’t contain wheat or dairy. In this case the food may be working as a trigger to set off the immune system so a small grain can trigger a response. It won’t calm the autoimmune reaction to simply cut back on bagels and yogurt.

Autoimmunity isn’t something you catch and it does not have to be progressive or lead to another diagnosis. If you continue doing the same things that triggered the autoimmune condition, then yes; the same conditions will produce the same results. I have the privilege of helping people navigate this journey from the shock and fear of a new disease to the empowerment of taking control of their health and calming the fire of an autoimmune reaction. Some sicknesses don’t respond as well, but most autoimmune conditions are triggered by food and can be healed using simple changes in food. If you continue to threaten your immune system, it will continue to attack the tissue resulting in a progressive disease and if you remove the threat to the immune system, you can calm the autoimmune fire.

How to Alleviate Sugar Cravings

Its three weeks after the holidays and the Sees candy and leftover stuffing are still calling your name.  Each day you try to start fresh with a light breakfast.  By 3 pm the vending machine is calling your name then you’re weak and hungry after work and you eat your way through shopping, cooking and the rest of the evening.  Oh well, try again tomorrow.  I wish I had more self-control!

The trick to alleviating sugar cravings is to feed yourself lots of healthy protein first thing in the morning.   The protein feeds your body right so that you never feel starved and you have no need for sugar.  When you don’t eat protein in the morning then you feel starved and suffer from low blood sugar by the afternoon. The quickest way to alleviate low blood sugar is to eat sugar, hence the cravings.  Sugar cravings are a natural survival instinct to alleviate the risk of starving.  It is not a lack of self control.

Eat a Stabilizing Breakfast
The most effective approach to alleviating sugar cravings is to begin with a hamburger for breakfast.  Add tomato, lettuce, avocado or other vegetable but no bread and no starch.  Beef is stabilizing and strengthening and when you are in the craving cycle it will help you to break the cycle.  Don’t worry about the dangers of red meat now, sugar is far more dangerous and beef is the best stepping stone to help you stabilize your energy and stop the cravings.  After you are stabilized, beef for breakfast will not be necessary.

Waiting until the 3 pm cravings hit to eat your protein won’t work.  Beef takes a long time to digest so that hamburger from 8 am will still provide energy by 3 pm when the cravings usually start.  Other protein sources such as chicken or eggs can be substituted but they are not as powerful to alleviate sugar cravings.

If you’re not hungry in the morning then refer to my Apple Cider Vinegar protocol to wake up the stomach.  You can begin with just a few bites of beef in the morning.  Eating in the morning may make you energized and hungry during the day.  This is a good sign; it means that your metabolism is rising so that you are burning more calories and generating more energy all day long.

Make a Sugar Pact
Pay attention to your body and after 3 days you will feel more energy in the afternoon.  Use this boost of energy to make a pact with yourself and choose a day to stop eating sugar for one week.  You won’t have to battle self-control because your body is not starving.  After eating a strengthening breakfast you won’t have low blood sugar and you will have no need to eat sugar.

It’s only one week, you can do anything for one week.   After the week without sugar then you get to decide how much Sees candy you want in your life.  Your mind is now in control not your blood sugar so you won’t have that weak desperate craving any more.

Transition to a Balanced Diet
No, I don’t want you to eat beef for breakfast forever.  After you feel stabilized and have avoided sugar for a period of time you can transition to a lighter breakfast.  Toast or a corn tortilla with egg, chicken or almond butter would be a nice balanced breakfast.   Avoid eating cereal with milk, toast with jam or anything that contains more grain and sugar than protein.  You still need some protein for breakfast and you still should avoid sugar in the morning to prevent relapse.  As long as you continue to eat some protein for breakfast and avoid sugar in the morning the afternoon sugar cravings won’t bother you and you can still enjoy an occasional sugary treat.

If the cravings start to creep in again then you know how to stop the craving cycle.  Beef for breakfast until you feel stabilized then cut the sugar for a specific amount of time then transition to a balanced breakfast to continue having lots of energy and no sugar cravings.